Update for iOS 6 currently underway...

Since the iOS 6 update, we've had two service tickets raised regarding the template exporting feature. Development is underway right now to provide a fix. If you're frustrated with the app, or just feel like saying what you would like to seem improved please create a ticket here.

Open tickets currently being serviced:

* Ticket #445954, #959394 - ReKawl templates not exporting after iOS6 update. URGERNT fix underway, symptoms may include: missing text files on export, untimely crashes, general irritability. tickets opened September 25, 2012 -- target date to submit fix to Apple: ASAP!! stay tuned, updates will appear on twitter...   

* Ticket #973455 - Camera defaults to shoot with flash on, can wash out images taken of well-lit racks. User has to manually turn off flash each shot (bummer). ticket opened 15-07-2012 -- target date to submit fix to Apple: ASAP   
Version 1.1 Update will give flash default options.

Export Sessions as XHTML via iTunes - view in Safari or Firefox

ReKawl updates your library every time you share a session and choose a template. You can copy your entire ReKawl library via iTunes (see steps 1 thru 5 below):

App Icons and Feature Key


This icon launches the camera on your device to add an image to the most current track. You can name, tag or add notes to the image. Click the button again to keep adding items to the current track.  


The 'tag' icon will bring up the tag wheel which can be used to quickly label your gear. The first time you enter a new gear item, you can triple tap this icon to save that gear into your available gear list.


The edit feature brings up the alternative toggle view in the session hub (not available in Lite version). Inside the toggle view, you can re-arrange the order of a track by holding and draging the gear into a new position, or insert new pictures by taping the green + button to launch the camera.  


This is the "next track" button. Click it to take a photo and it will becomes the first part of your new track. You can click the pencil icon just above the first image and give the new track a name. Or, if you're in a hurry, just keep clicking away and label stuff later.  


This section of the app allows you to archive and share all your notes and images. Download tracksheet templates from the online view in the app and use that template to export everything you've captured. You'll then be able to copy & paste your entire ReKawl directory onto your computer. Inside the /rekawl/ folder is an index.xhtml file you can open & view in the Safari or Firefox web browsers.  

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